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You’ve Got Kamp Mail!

Kamp allows kids to unplug so that they can recharge! By taking the time to step away from technology and distraction, they are able to plug into fun activities, grow in faith through spiritual training and build friendships with their fellow Kampers.


Instead of text messages, traditional “snail mail” letters and packages are what Kampers look forward to receiving during the summer. If you have questions about how to send mail to your Kamper, than look no further - this post is for you!


Where do I send Kamp mail?

Below are the addresses to each individual Kamp to know where to send Kamp mail! Parents, family and friends are welcome to send packages to Kampers anytime during Kamp. Feel free to download and share the graphics via this link.


Is it possible to send my Kamper a letter or package every day?

Absolutely! If you want to send your Kamper a surprise each day, simply drop off any packages or mail on Opening Day at the office, and they will be given to your Kamper daily throughout the term.


How does my Kamper receive the mail?

When mail arrives, Kampers are given a slip telling them they have a package waiting for them at the office. Kampers’ faces always light up when they get the news! Once they arrive to the front office, they are able to open their packages and/or letters. (We do require Kampers to open their packages at the office just to make sure that it doesn't contain any items that are not permitted.)


Are there things I shouldn’t send via Kamp mail?

We kindly ask that you do not send food of any kind, including snacks, candy and gum. We also discourage sending party poppers and books or magazines. In letters, please don’t ask Kampers if they are missing home, or any questions that could prompt feelings of homesickness. Show them your excitement to wanting to hear more about their experience and encouraging them to make fun memories with new friends!


Great to know! What are some ideas of things to send?

Packages and letters are a great way to send your Kamper love and to let them know that they’re on your mind. Some ideas of things to send include: glow sticks and bracelets; pool toys; markers, coloring books and journals; hair supplies; stuffed animals; jewelry making supplies; little gifts for the cabin; bubbles; socks; board games, cards or other small games.


If in doubt, call the office of the Kamp your child is attending to ask if an item is allowed.


While packages are fun and exciting, letters are a great way to combat homesickness, which can arise at Kamp. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to be positive and encouraging in the words you send to your Kamper! Asking your Kamper questions about their time at Kamp is a great way to help them reflect on what they are learning and how they are growing. (“Have you tried something new? Tell me about the friends you are making! What’s been your favorite activity so far?”) It’s also great to encourage them to fully dive into Kamp, reminding them to continue trying new things and making new friends.


I’ve heard something about Goodies. What are those?

If you have Kampers at multiple Kanakuk Kamps, they can keep in touch with each other by writing a Goodie. Goodies are pieces of mail that don't require a stamp because we have a system to deliver letters between Kamps - both in Lampe and Branson. Goodie mail is transported six days a week, just like the USPS.


Can I email my Kamper?

Yes! If you visit and log in to MyKanakuk, you can send emails to your Kamper by selecting the package you want to buy and then typing your message. The Kamp office prints emails every morning and delivers them during mail time.


When mail time happens at Kamp, we all cheer “Kamp Mail is the best mail!”