Why does Kanakuk have parties? | Kanakuk Kamps
Why does Kanakuk have parties?

For decades, parties at Kanakuk have been the highlight of Kampers’ summers. Costumes, crazy counselors, fun dances, and over-the-top themes are just a few of the highlights of a Kanakuk party. Why does Kanakuk have parties though? Below are a few reasons we make time for this tradition each and every summer.



o   Allow Kampers to have fun in a safe environment and to see that it is possible to have fun without all the things the worlds tells us we need.

o   Provide opportunities to meet new friends.

o   Set up staff to be able to speak into Kampers’ lives and share the Gospel.

o   Create fun memories for Kampers to take home with them.

o   Are fun!!


Parties are something that we look forward to every summer, and we know that will continue well into the future.