What To Do With Doubt? | Kanakuk Kamps
What To Do With Doubt?

We spend all summer helping Kampers strengthen their faith at Kamp! Through daily prayer & devotions, K-Life and Christ-centered sports and activities, we encourage and equip each Kamper to be Game Changers for Christ. Staff members coach the athletes to live I’m Third - putting Jesus first, their teammates second and themselves last. In this way, Kanakuk strives to bring glory to the Lord in everything we do!


One way we help Kampers grow in their faith is by confronting the questions we have about God and His Word. There are aspects of His character that we may not understand, and there are parts of Scripture that we can’t seem to wrap our heads around. These doubts should not make us shrink away from our faith, but rather they should compel us to seek the Lord all the more earnestly, knowing that His Word is the ultimate source of truth!


When we’re honest with God about our doubts, He meets our meekness with the assurance of His Presence. Wrestling with our questions gives us the opportunity to move even closer to Him; it’s through our seeking that our relationship with God is made stronger.


Our faith is a moving, growing and changing thing - something that is strengthened or weakened by our everyday actions. Philippians 2:12 calls us to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” With humility and steadfastness we’re called to deepen and expand our faith by exploring God’s Word, acting in obedience and trusting Him even when the way isn’t clear. At Kanakuk, our Kampers are challenged each day to dig deeper into the Word of God and rely on Him as their source of strength. It is unbelievably rewarding to watch each Kamper flourish into the courageous young man  and woman the Lord has called them to be!


We are so thankful for the opportunity we have to grow in Christ with our community. To connect with us on a daily basis, follow us on Twitter and Facebook!