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Valentine's Day: God's Love

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we asked our Kanakuk family to share with us what God’s love means to them. We received some wonderful responses, and we’re excited to get to share a few with you! This first response is from Emma Hall:


I started thinking about the question, “What does God’s love mean to you?” Wowza--that’s a big question with an even bigger answer. In the most simple terms, God’s love is everything. It is hope, grace, answered prayers and even that perfect Oklahoma sunset. The Lord’s love is everywhere, but then, how do we so often fail to see it?


Well, that’s another cool thing about God’s love: It’s on another level. It is not temporary, fleeting or anything of this world. No, it is holy, righteous and eternal! When we see the world through worldly eyes, we miss some of God’s love, which is much, much better.


But wait, there’s one more factor about God’s love we can’t forget, it’s persistent. God’s love chases after us relentlessly, it is an active ever present type of love. God’s love is the raddest of rads! Lets open our eyes and soak it up.”


We love Emma’s response. God’s love is radical, incomprehensible and all-encompassing. It comforts, gives hope and pursues us, even when we turn away. It’s this unconditional, lasting  love that gives us something worth celebrating each Valentine’s Day and every day in between.


What does His love mean to you? We’d love for you to share with us by sending us a message on Facebook or emailing


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