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Unstoppable: Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton’s incredible story is one of tragic loss with an even greater come-back. Although she lost her arm in 2003 to a shark attack, Bethany didn’t give up on her dreams, and she’s continued to pursue professional surfing ever since. Although she faced terrible tragedy, she jumped back into the water—fearless.


Bethany’s passion for surfing brought her back to the beach. Then, her incredible story and faith in Jesus took her around the world to share how this unthinkable experience strengthened her faith and built her into a true character of humility, just like the ones we’ve studied on our blog over the last several weeks. In short, Bethany is truly Unstoppable.


Along her journey, she married a man named Adam, who was once a Staffer at our very own K-1! Bethany, Adam and her two sons have settled in Hawaii, where they can enjoy the ocean together.


We greatly admire Bethany’s commitment to sharing her faith through her passion for athletics, and her unwavering trust in Jesus through all of life’s highs and lows. Talk about a living example of #ImThird!


We know that Bethany’s story will inspire passionate, young surfers and next-generation leaders alike. Her new documentary, Unstoppable, is the newest way Bethany is inspiring others.




Unstoppable shows “the real me,” Bethany says. The documentary tells Bethany’s story, one of a powerful woman and resilient athlete who didn’t let adversity bring her down. Against all odds, Bethany became one of the world’s best surfers, an incredible mother and a true inspiration to thousands. We are inspired by Bethany’s optimism and perseverance, and we hope that you are, too!


“The accident isn’t something I would have wished for, but I’ve embraced it as part of my life. One of the most beautiful things that came from it is how it has allowed me to see that I can overcome difficult times by the grace of God. It taught me that I have the ability to overcome my fears, doubts and crazy challenges. Life is full of what ifs... Let’s not let them hold us back “

— Bethany Hamilton

To find locations for watching the film or to see a few teaser trailers, visit Bethany’s website at bethanyhamilton.com. For more information on Bethany’s family, passion and faith, check out her Instagram page.