Sprint through the Finish Line | Kanakuk Kamps
Sprint through the Finish Line

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the weather is finally warm! Spring is in full action, which means Kamp is getting closer and the school year is coming to an end. While it may be hard to focus on homework and final tests, we want to encourage you to finish the school year strong so you can Run Free at Kamp this summer!


We are reminded in Colossians 3:23 to do everything with excellence. “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.” Whether it is finishing the game strong, cleaning your bunk or studying for a test, we can do our work to honor the Lord.


We know distractions come easily, and we have to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for any task, so that we may complete it and move on to other activities. With that being said, we want to equip you with some practical tips on how you can finish the school year strong and be strengthened spiritually at the same time.  


Tips to Help You Focus:


Be where you are. It’s so easy while in class to look out the window and begin to daydream about the great adventures that await you this summer. In order to fully enjoy and be engaged then, we must work on being present, now. “There is an appointed time for everything,” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) so enjoy today. Enjoy learning, finishing up sport seasons and being with your classmates.


Be smart with your time. Time is such a valuable thing; we can never get it back once it’s in the past.  It can be easy to get so caught up in what’s due soonest that we can overlook a big project coming up or a valuable opportunity to encourage a friend or make a memory. We need to be smart with how we use our time by dedicating certain times to work and play. Both are equally important. So, take time to plan ahead and do a little bit each day so you are not overwhelmed.   


Take breaks. Our minds need a break, especially if we are studying for a big test or working on a project. Be sure to take frequent breaks to let the mind rest for a bit. Those breaks will help you be ready and clear to take in information.


Eat healthy. Sleep well. Be sure to eat a healthy, full-balanced meal to ensure you have the energy you need to stay focused. It’s also so important to go to bed at a decent hour and get a good night’s sleep so you are able to be fully focused the next day.


Unplug. Engage with who and what is around you physically. While it is so much fun to see what friends are doing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, remember social media is simply a mirror for the real, face-to-face community we get to experience in our lives. Unplug to recharge the relationships that are right in front of you.


Most importantly, stop and pray. Let God in on what is going on in your heart, and ask Him for strength to finish strong. This can be if you are nervous about a test or asking for the ability to focus. If you need ideas on a project or a presentation, He is very creative and always loves to share His ideas with you. Remembering that God is your strength will help you push through in the toughest times. Ask Him to walk with you.


We hope everyone has a great end to the school year. You have given it your all this year so finish strong, and we will see you at Kamp. It’s going to be a great summer and we are counting down the days until we are all Running Free together!