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Resolve to Grow

As we wrap up the first month of 2015, we’re tying together our new year’s resolutions. So far, we’ve resolved to serve and to lead. Our final resolution of 2015 is a resolution to grow.


January is not just the starting line of the new year--it’s a launching pad! This month, we have the opportunity to reflect on the previous year and to map out where we’re headed in the upcoming months. It’s the perfect time to make goals and resolve to stick to them.


The purpose of a goal is to improve-- spiritually, physically and relationally. Here are some questions you can ask yourself throughout the year to ensure you’re sticking to your 2015 goals!



  • Are you continually living out “I’m Third,” putting God first and others second?
  • How are you spending your time? Are you prioritizing time with the Lord before everything else?
  • How are you handling sin? Are you actively confessing, asking forgiveness and repenting?
  • Are you growing in a community of fellow believers? Are you giving and receiving accountability and encouragement?


  • What are you doing daily to improve athletically?
  • Have you made progress toward your athletic goals?
  • Are you giving your all during practice and games?


  • Are you a consistent source of love and encouragement to those around you?
  • How are you doing serving your family on a daily basis?
  • Are you going out of your way to demonstrate love to your friends?
  • Are you a peacemaker?

No improvement can be made without the power of Christ; we have to lean on Him to help us mature into the men and women He calls us to be. God gives growth-- we are simply called to surrender & obey! These questions can help you stay on track as you aim to fulfill your resolutions in 2015.


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