Ready to Run Free | Kanakuk Kamps
Ready to Run Free

The doors of summer are bursting open and we are about to RUN FREE!


We will run after new friendships and activities. We will run to adventure in all the sports we practice. And most importantly, we will run hard after our relationship with the Lord!


What does it mean to Run Free? We have been hearing from you, and want to join in on the conversation.  Your answers have been incredible and we want to partake.


Running Free means that we are living our Christian lives to the fullest by rejoicing in the freedom that Jesus won for us on the cross. It means that we live our life rejoicing in His faithfulness and provision. He is a good Father! It means freeing ourselves from the lies we’ve believed that we are not good enough or worthy enough to be loved by the King. We are leaving all of that behind and we are gazing on the eyes of Christ by running after a passionate life full of Him!

“I shall run the way of Your commandments,

For You will enlarge my heart.”

Psalm 119:32


With this in our hearts, it pours out into every aspect of our lives- friendships, discipleship, endurance and more! Being filled with the love and freedom of God’s goodness and joy allows us to develop deep friendships that last a lifetime! It’s through our walk with the Lord that we learn how to be a friend – whether it’s bringing a word of encouragement, having good sportsmanship or staying in contact, despite the busyness of life and years passing by.


Running Free after Christ in our lives also spills over into how we share the Gospel with others. What is in our hearts flows out through our actions. When we serve as Christ serves His Church, we are able to attract others to a relationship with the Lord and become “fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19)


It is no secret that we are running after this summer already, not just with getting all the details ready to go, but in our hearts. We know that God is working big things in and through the lives of all those who are a part of Kamp this year. We are expectant to see Kampers run to the Lord like never before and for hearts to be transformed through that experience. Our hope and ongoing prayer is that every Kamper becomes equipped for a lifetime of Running Free and leading others to do the same.


We are ready to Run Free, are you?