Parents, where do your children find identity? | Kanakuk Kamps
Parents, where do your children find identity?

Throughout the impressionable school-age years, there are a few key areas in which we can demonstrate good, Godly character to our children.


Teaching through actions is a great way to help kids navigate the path of self discovery and their development of self perception. After all, that is how Jesus taught us. We found our identity in Him because we learned to love how He loves, speak how He speaks, and live how He lived.


In our quest to lead the household and set a good example for everyone to follow, it is important to keep a few key factors in mind: Be humble, serve well, get in the Word daily and set an example that you want your family to mirror. Kanakuk President Joe White shares more in the video below.



For more practical parenting tips like this, subscribe to Joe White’s YouTube channel. These videos are a great parenting resource and can be used as reminders to live with a “God first, others second, I'm third” mentality.