Our Great Need for a Great Savior | Kanakuk Kamps
Our Great Need for a Great Savior

Imagine a gumball machine filled to the brim with colorful candy. With just a bit of pocket change, you can fill up on vibrantly colored candy, but with time, the gumball machine empties out and the gum loses its flavor. Upon first glance, that machine may have looked completely full, but really it had many empty spaces and was easily poured out.  


We are just like this gumball machine, and only God knows the solution to this human problem. You see, we have a great need for something to fill us completely. We need something with substance—that won’t lose flavor—to fill up the empty spaces within us.


We have empty spaces within us as a product of our separation from God because of sin. Before we can celebrate the cross and resurrection next week, we must first understand that without Jesus, we could never live eternally in the presence of our Father!  


“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 6:23


Our sin is what separates us from God, but Jesus bridged the gap with His sacrificial love. During the Easter season, we celebrate the greatest display of love, but the cross only increases in its beauty when we realize the great need we have for a Savior.


Just like a gumball machine, we fill our lives with a variety of colorful things. We play sports, pursue a dream career, date or get married, invest in friendships, and get an education. All of these things we fill our time with are good things, but after a time we will find that they cannot fill us as completely as we want them to. When we aim to find all of our affirmation, guidance, confidence, or attention from these earthly things, we soak up all the good flavor and end up with some stale gum that is not satisfying. Just like these examples, we can turn to good things but still end up feeling empty.


We have a great need for a great Savior. As broken people, we need a Healer. Where we are weak, we need the Almighty. When we cannot see the future, we need an Alpha and Omega.


Our need is not the end of the story. These powerful words give us hope and imply that the story isn’t over: “But God.”


But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

Romans 5:9

Next week, we will celebrate that we don’t have to live a life with empty space in our hearts. Jesus has demonstrated his love for us, a people in need of a Savior, so that we may have relationship with Him. What a gift that we get to celebrate all year long!