Moses: The Meekest Man on Earth | Kanakuk Kamps
Moses: The Meekest Man on Earth

When we take a look at the life of Moses, the Bible tells us that he did many, many amazing things.

It tells us that he went to the Pharaoh of Egypt and commanded him to free the Israelites that he had enslaved. It tells us that Moses fervently and persistently asked until the Pharaoh agreed. It tells us that he took that entire nation of slaves and led them out of captivity. It tells us that when the Pharaoh changed his mind and sent an army to retrieve the slaves, Moses split a sea apart for the Israelites escape to safety. It tells us that he then led that group through the desert for 40 years, finally delivering them to the land that God had promised for them. 


Wouldn’t someone who’d accomplished so much be somewhat… proud?


Well, the Bible also tells us that Moses was more humble than any man who ever lived.


“Now the man Moses was very humble, more than any man who was on the face of the earth.”

Numbers 12:3


It’s pretty clear that Moses’ humility is astounding considering the life that he lived. In modern terms, Moses was pretty much a superhero on a rescue mission. Wouldn’t he have to possess a strong sense of strength and confidence—even haughtiness? How can it be possible that Moses was actually a meek, humble leader?


When looking at this story through our modern lens, it may seem like accomplishing so many big, great, things doesn’t coincide with humility. But it’s not as contradictory as it may seem. 


When the Bible speaks of “meekness,” it refers to someone who lives a life of submission to the Lord. Someone who can put aside self to follow God’s direction rather than trusting solely in themselves. 


That was Moses. Yes, he was in charge of leading many, many people. But, he never let the authority become a blind spot in his focus on the Lord. Throughout his life’s journey and leading the Israelites out of bondage, Moses acknowledged that his success did not come from his own knowledge or expertise, but instead from trusting in the promises of the Lord. In this way, Moses brought immense and authentic honor and glory to God. His humility turned others’ eyes toward the One who delivered them.


Why is it so important to be meek like Moses? It’s one way that we are able to imitate our Father in Heaven to others on Earth who may not know who He is. As with other Christ-like qualities, adopting a spirit of humility sets believers apart from a world consumed by what people can accomplish. There is nothing wrong with being driven and successful, but it’s how we carry ourselves in the face of praise and glory that shows whether we are Christ-like or worldly. Which are you?


Living a life of meekness and humility allows us to display God to others; it gives us the opportunity to show others that God is who He says He is. Today, spend some time thinking about how you can use your talents and successes to glorify God and point to Him.