The Lord's Faithfulness | Kanakuk Kamps
The Lord's Faithfulness


Another amazing summer at Kanakuk has come and gone, and now we have the opportunity to again reflect on the Lord’s faithfulness to our ministry. We are filled with gratitude when we consider the privilege of serving thousands of children and young adults in a way that points them to the cross of Christ. We truly believe there is no greater honor than to develop our Kampers into godly leaders who will heed Jesus’ high calling: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,” (Matthew 28:19)


1,201 Kampers rang the bell this summer! As most of you know, “Ringing the Bell” is an age-old Kanakuk tradition that symbolizes a Kamper’s decision to follow Christ. The Kamper is surrounded by her or his cabin mates and counselors, and after the bell is rung, they erupt into a loud, celebratory cheer. How awesome to know that the Kanakuk bell echoes in eternity and harmonizes with the praise of a triumphant chorus of angels! There is nothing more gratifying than this reverberating affirmation that the Lord is faithful, good and relentless in the pursuit of His children.


This year, our Kampers learned what it means to be a “Game Changer.” A Game Changer is someone who, despite what the world throws their way, stands firm in their faith in Christ and lives their life in a way that is holy, disciplined and glorifying to God. They have committed their lives to the ultimate Game Changer, Jesus, who altered the course of our eternal destiny by dying on the cross for our sins, reconciling us to God once and for all so that we can spend forever with Him. His ultimate sacrifice took away the punishment our sin deserves, and His resurrection granted His followers the power to defeat sin and death once and for all. Christ-followers live in the hope that no matter the trial, tribulation or trouble, their final destination is eternal peace and joy in the presence of God the Father. This is the source of our consistent joy!


What a blessing this summer was. Thank you, moms & dads, staff, ministry partners and Kampers who have sustained, supported and encouraged the ministry of Kanakuk for the past 89 summers. You all are the real Game Changers!


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