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Kamp Directors: Then and Now - Part 2

Kamp is a time of creating many great memories and lasting relationships. One particular relationship we greatly cherish at Kamp is a deeper relationship with God. Our Kamp directors have such a passion and love for Christ that they can’t help but share His love and what He’s done in their lives.


Last week we started our new “Then and Now” series where we highlight how our Kamp directors came to know Christ and hear what the 2016 Kamp theme, “Run Free,” means to them. This week we are excited to hear more stories and wisdom. Continue the conversation with us as we get to know our directors more and hear their hearts!


Lindsay Rother | K-West Assistant Director

Like many Christians, Lindsay grew up in an environment where she always felt like she had to hold herself to a standard of perfection to be loved by God. After tirelessly struggling to live up to this idea, and always feeling like she missed the mark, she realized how much she truly needed Christ. In that moment she came to the realization that there was nothing she needed to do to earn God’s love. He revealed Himself to her in a way that she had never known. With this new revelation, she genuinely surrendered her life to Christ at the age of 14. Coincidently, that is now the age of Kampers she works with at K-West! She continued growing in her personal faith in high school, and in college she began working at Kanakuk during the summertime.   


At Kamp, she was surrounded by examples of people whose faiths simply came through every aspect of their lives, instead of just being a part of it. This had a major impact on her, and she began reading the Word. Learning how to dig into Scripture herself was one of the biggest tools for her deepening her relationship with God.


Now, Lindsay says that the best advice that she can give to Kampers is to spend as much time in the Word as possible. “It’s the best habit to form and it will never be time regretted.”


To Lindsay, this year’s Kamp theme, “Run Free,” means that we are no longer slaves to sin, thanks to the price Christ paid by dying on the cross, reminding us of one of her favorite scriptures: "It was for freedom that Christ set us free,” Gal. 5:1. Lindsay says that when she gave her life to Christ, she was given new life and finally felt freedom to no longer live up to the standard of perfection she had set for herself through religion.


Morgan Trainer | K-Kountry Assistant Women's Director

Morgan grew up in a Christian home and heard about Jesus a lot growing up. She was a frequent church camper, with Kanakuk being one of them, where she had many mentors and God-ordained experiences that have been a solid foundation in her faith. It was while at a church camp, after a very moving testimony of a speaker, that she decided to give her life to Christ.


This year’s Kamp theme, “Run Free,” has such great meaning to her because it has such great correlation with our Christian faith. Not only does it connect with us spiritually, but it aligns perfectly with the Kanakuk experience and all the fun activities we do!


Morgan encourages us to run after faith every day, not just at Kamp. She reminds us to do this because we genuinely desire to have a relationship with Christ, not not to simply run after faith because we are told to. This relationship becomes so much more special when we decide to personally pursue Him!


What are you doing today to run after your relationship with the Lord?