Kamp’s Out for School! | Kanakuk Kamps
Kamp’s Out for School!

Wow! It’s hard to believe we are already one week into August! The start of this new month brings the end of everyone’s favorite time of year: Kamp season. How can it possibly be the very last day of Kamp?


As another incredible Kamp season comes to an end, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on one truly amazing summer! We spent countless hours jumping on the blob, swimming in the lake, zooming down the zipline, practicing archery and playing sports. We made new friends, ate our fill of coffee cake (yum!), hung out with our awesome counselors, and grew closer to God by spending time with Him and in His Word. It’s safe to say that this was an exceptional year of Kamp, and we are confident that the memories made this summer will last a lifetime.


So, as summer winds down and we gear up for a new school year, we encourage you to think about how you take what you learned at Kamp back to school with you this year. This summer’s theme, Re-Ignite, taught us how important it is to stay on fire for the Lord not just during the summer, but all year long. Our theme was inspired by 2 Timothy 1:6 which says:


“For this reason, I remind you to kindle afresh the gift of God which is in you.”


President of Kanakuk Ministries, Joe White, teaches more about Re-Ignite here:



How will you be sure to kindle the gift of God in you this school year? What ways can you show others that Jesus lives in you? Maybe you’ll go out of your way to sit with someone who seems lonely at lunchtime. If a teammate upsets you on the field, maybe you’ll show them grace and forgiveness.


No matter what comes your way this year, we encourage you to focus on kindling the fire of Jesus in you by showing others who Jesus is and spending time intentionally growing closer to God. We know that even though Kamp is ending, the Lord’s work in You never will.


On behalf of all of Kanakuk, thank you for spending your summer with us and we wish you a wonderful ‘18-’19 school year. Be sure to follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we already countdown the days to next summer. See you then, Kampers!