Joe White's 2019 Christmas Poem | Kanakuk Kamps
Joe White's 2019 Christmas Poem

Christmas is only a few days away! Each year during the holiday season, Kanakuk President Joe White shares a Christmas poem as a beautiful reminder of the true reason for the Christmas holiday. Enjoy this year's poem, as you prepare to spend time with friends and family next week. We wish our entire Kanakuk family a wonderfully Merry Christmas!

Well it’s Christmas again and soon it’s 2020

In food, in friendships, in gifts we have plenty


In abundance the love and the blessings surround

Where ribbons and bows and Christmas tidings abound


There must be a reason this season fulfilling

With grace, peace, and joy for the heart that is willing


To listen to a story and take it to heart

The story of a baby and His love to impart


It all began as Luke tells the story

With shepherds and angels who give God the glory


Because Quirinius the governor had given a command

That a census be taken each man to his land


To Joseph and Mary with the child soon to be born

To a Bethlehem Inn for a new baby to adorn


With every bed taken and no place to stay

A manger was found with a cradle of hay


While out in the fields keeping watch by the night

The shepherds beheld angels, a terrifying sight


Do not be afraid, I bring good news and joy

On this very night there’s the birth of a boy


In swaddling cloths, the angels did say

In a manger you’ll find Him on a soft bed of hay


Highest glory to God and peace among men

The praises of Jesus were set to begin


Immediately the shepherds went to Bethlehem that night

And worshipped the child in the dim rays of light


In a matter of time, no one knows the duration

Three kings from the east heard the heavenly ovation


When guided by a star their gifts they would bring 

To Bethlehem’s child and honor the King


They brought frankincense and myrrh and sparkling gold

The Magi and their journey forever is told


The story unchanging and certainly the reason

For this joyous occasion and our holiday season


Merry Christmas Kanakuk families and K-ministries represent

And thank you for joining our festive event


I love you, I admire you, I’m blessed to be a part

Of a family I adore from the depth of my heart