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Joe White's 2017 Christmas Poem

Christmas Day is near! We are looking forward to celebrating the birth of our Savior and enjoying time with friends and family. To foster Christmas cheer in everyone here at Kanakuk, President Joe White penned a poem as a beautiful reminder of the true reason for the Christmas holiday. Click here to watch as Joe reads his poem, entitled "" Merry Christmas, Kanakuk family! 



by: Joe White

It’s that time of year to rush to and from,

Don’t know what I’d do without


My laptop so handy, I can Google and charge,

To download and dropship my gifts, small and large.


Using Amazon online, the convenience exciting,

Free shipping, home delivery and advantage inviting.


Just browse and hashtag it, then HTTP,

With WWW. backslash, it’s easy to see.


No lines at the counter, no traffic while driving,

With Federal Express, packages overnight arriving.


Black Friday we survived, but we’ll never forget,

Those sales so alluring, now we’re deeply in debt.


Yes, it’s holiday season, and my tree is erect,

Displaying "seasons greetings" to be politically correct.


Getting ready for Santa and his coming again,

Many gifts for the children, their affection to win.


We’ll bake chocolate chip cookies to celebrate his arrival,

But with debits and credits, I fear my survival.


Got jingle bells and Rudolph and Frosty all singing,

And mistletoe and tinsel and bells gladly ringing.


Baking lots of sugar cookies individually decorated,

Hot chocolate and eggnog, our guests are elated.


Yes, it’s, now bring on the cheer,

It’ll vanish in an instant with a Happy New Year.


Spending all of our savings on every kind of toy,

Yet feeling so empty and missing the joy.


But, what’s that I’m hearing? Voices singing at my door?

Why, it’s carolers remembering the Child we adore!


Singing Joy to the World, a King we behold,

Silent Night and Noel, musical stories are told.


           Of Joseph and Mary and the immaculate conception,

A birth in a manger and a shepherd’s reception


A star in the east and the angel’s invitation,

Bringing peace to the earth and hope for a nation.


So, we gather tonight to remember the season,

When a Savior was born and the Biblical reason.


As by grace we respond to His generous invitation,

The greatest gift of all, our eternal salvation.