How to Pack for Kamp | Kanakuk Kamps
How to Pack for Kamp

Summer is coming, and Kamp is right around the corner! That can only mean one thing: it is time to start getting ready for what we believe will be the best summer ever! Over the next few weeks we will give you insider tips on packing your child’s trunk, getting theme party costumes prepared, creating awesome care packages and more.


Packing a trunk can seem like a daunting task. “What will my child need?” and “Did I pack enough?” are common questions that parents ask themselves when packing their child’s trunk for a term at Kanakuk. We’ve made the answers to these questions easy to find by creating packing lists specific to each Kamp. Each list provides a guide on what and how much of it to pack. You can find those here.


Here are a few tips from veteran Kamp moms when it comes to packing for your child’s term at Kanakuk this summer.


1.     Label everything. Kids can sometimes misplace things, and labeling everything your child takes to Kamp helps ensure that it will make it home.

2.     For younger Kampers, it can be helpful to put an outfit for each day in a large Ziploc bag and label it with the day you’d like for them to wear it. This also works well for theme party costumes!

3.     Don’t forget waders! These are shoes that are meant to be worn at water activities at the lake. There is nothing worse than having to wear wet tennis shoes every where because waders were forgotten.

4.     Travel size toiletries make packing for shower time easy and space friendly. Plus, it isn’t a big deal if they don’t make it back into the trunk for the trip home.


These are just a few tips to help make packing for Kamp a little easier. Do you have any tips or tricks to make packing easier? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter!