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The Greatest Gift

What a fun season to celebrate! The gifts, the traditions, the time spent with friends and family—what more could we ask for? Christmas is a unique time to reflect and refocus our minds on the many blessings God has given us throughout the year. It’s an opportunity to praise Him for all the things He’s done and to pray expectantly for what’s ahead.


As we know, it’s easy to get “wrapped” up in the presents, holiday schedules and the overall busyness of the season. While we’re consistently reminded to place Jesus at the center of our Christmas celebrations, we can still lose sight of what’s most important. How do we make sure to intentionally keep Him first in everything we do this holiday season?


We believe the secret to placing Jesus at the forefront of Christmas is in stillness—separating from the hustle and bustle and reflecting on the amazing gift this day represents. Take time with your family each day to remember what Christmas means not just for the month of December, but for eternity!


By sending Jesus to live and die on our behalf, God gave us the greatest gift: a way to be with Him forever. God’s unending love for us is shown through Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection. Because of Jesus, we are forgiven and made right with God. This means we not only get to be with Him in heaven, but we also can live in freedom now, knowing that we are completely loved, forgiven and cared for!


This is the source of our holiday cheer; this is the purpose of Christmas! Let your joy be full this holiday season, knowing that we have been given the greatest gift in Jesus. We encourage you to take the time to be still & reflect with your family this Christmas, remembering the wonderful reality this day represents.


Thank you for being a part of the Kanakuk family! Merry Christmas!


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