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Grace To Do Good
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Happy first day of spring! The crazy thing about this season is that as the weather gets warmer, our to-do lists get longer. Practices, rehearsals and school activities fill our agendas, and soon we find there’s no time left for anything outside our schedules. Opportunities not defined by “mandatory” are quickly dismissed as we race to check off each day’s necessary tasks.


Living a full and fulfilled life with your family is a tremendous blessing! But the difficulty lies in balancing busyness with rest, spontaneity and, most importantly, opportunities to serve those around you. When we give our agendas authority over our lives, we fail to surrender our time and service to the Lord’s will.  


Sometimes slowing down seems impossible. We’re pulled in every direction, with no control over the craziness of our schedules. But there’s good news! God promises to give us the strength to love others and serve him well, no matter the circumstance. 2 Corinthians 9:8 says this,


“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed;”


As chaotic as our days may be, we can always find the time and ability to point our families to Christ. Here are a few ways we can continue to place God first amidst our family’s busyness:


Have conversations. Take the time to speak openly and honestly with each member of your family every day. Listen as they tell you what they’re excited about, what they’re working on at school or what they’re struggling with. Share their excitement and offer encouragement through the truth of God’s Word.


Pray. Make a point to pray with and for your family. Stay in tune with their needs and offer to say a prayer over them when you sense they’re in need of affirmation. Prayer is a powerful tool to bring peace into stressful situations.


Serve with them. Set an example for your kids by prioritizing service. Make it a weekly routine to serve your friends, neighbors and community in some capacity. This could be making a meal, babysitting, welcoming a new family, serving at church or providing food or resources for the needy in your area. Volunteering our time and love to others is the best way to assure your family is living “I’m Third” - even in the busiest of seasons!


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