Go the Extra Mile | Kanakuk Kamps
Go the Extra Mile

It’s almost the time of year for falling leaves, football Saturdays, cool nights and shorter days! Fall is approaching, and we’re all settling into our own school year routines.

As we spend our days surrounded by friends, classmates and family members, we remember that God created us in His Son’s image with the purpose to spread Jesus’ love and positively impact those around us! We have an immense, ongoing opportunity to influence others just with the way we live and treat them.


Matthew 20:28 tells us that Jesus came to serve, not to be served. And if we are striving to be like Him, then we can find our strength and purpose in serving others, too.


So, are we answering this call to love and put others first every day? For this answer to always be “yes,” it’s important to keep the idea of “I’m Third” on our minds and in our hearts throughout all we do. To proactively live this out, we can serve others even beyond what they may ask or expect of us.


“Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two.”

Matthew 5:4


We should never be too quick to look at people and think they fall short of what we deem worthy of our love, time, or service. As humans, we have a tendency towards selfishness. But because we have the Holy Spirit within us, we also have the ability to love with selfless abandon and to put others first. Not out of obligation, but because we have a heart that yearns to put God first, others second, and ourselves third.


“Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves…”

Philippians 2:3


Today, we encourage you to pause and pray for the Lord to show you new opportunities for serving others. Even more, go ahead and ask those around you how you can help them today – whether that’s praying for them, offering them encouragement or sound advice, or even meeting a tangible need. Finally, we charge you to be intentional about being a blessing to others. Acts of service are a way to imitate God’s unconditional love.


When life is all about us, we’ll never really feel like we are enough. What we’re searching for inside of ourselves is truly empty without Jesus. Fulfillment, joy, and satisfaction come from abiding in the Lord and answering His calling for our lives – to love and serve others.


For more about I’m Third, listen to Kanakuk President Joe White teach about this foundational truth.