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A Game Changer Lives With Purpose

"To me, being a Game Changer means living with purpose daily and making the most of every moment." – Lindsay Rother, K-West Assistant Director

For those of you who watched this year’s Super Bowl, you witnessed more than a few game changing plays! America was on the edge of its seat as each team pulled ahead, anticipating yet another unpredictable play. After a failed pass and a successful interception, the game was changed for good and victory was claimed.

The Super Bowl represents the pinnacle of the entire NFL season, the summation of a year of hard work, discipline and sacrifice. While only one team ultimately proved itself worthy of a Super Bowl title, both teams held one thing in common: they wanted to win. And each player knew that in order to achieve that, they had to do three things:


1. Listen to the play maker.

2. Communicate with their teammates.

3. Execute the play successfully.

Failure to follow any of these three steps would have resulted in a disastrous fumble. It was the players’ responsibility to take the information they’d been given, couple it with their own knowledge of the game and athletic skill, and work with their teammates to effectively execute the play.

Every single moment was crucial to the game’s outcome. As we saw with the last game changing interception, an incorrect strategy or incomplete pass can completely reverse the trajectory of the play. One failed play has the power to change the game forever.

In the same way, we are called to make the most of every moment we’re given. And, as Game Changers who live for Jesus, we have a much higher & more important goal than a Super Bowl title. Our sights are set on Heaven, and our job here on Earth is to take every opportunity to honor Christ & tell others about Him.

The teams in the Super Bowl were led by imperfect, human coaches, who couldn’t see the outcome of each play. We, on the other hand, have a perfect Play Maker, who will never misjudge or misguide us. We can listen to and execute His plays fully trusting that He knows the best strategy to align with His will and our good.

And the great news is-- we already know the outcome of our game! The Bible promises that one day Jesus will triumph over this world, defeating sin & sorrow forever. Good will conquer evil, and God’s people will worship Him forever. What an amazing victory we will have as followers of the ultimate Game Changer!

This week, we want to encourage you to make the most of every moment by living out your purpose as Game Changers who live victoriously for Christ. Continually ask yourself:

  1. Am I listening to the Play Maker?

  2. Am I working with others to accomplish God’s will?

  3. Am I being obedient to and diligent in what God is calling me to?

We’re so excited for what God has in store for you this year leading up to Kamp 2015! We’d love to encourage you. For daily inspiration and Kanakuk happenings, follow us on Twitter & Facebook.

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