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A Game Changer Leads

"A Game Changer is someone who doesn't just athletically excel, a Game Changer is someone who spiritually propels others towards excellence in Christ." –Keith Chancey, K-Seven Director


The key characteristic of Game Changers is their leadership ability. This is expressed in their personal lives through self-discipline and their commitment to God, but it is even more importantly demonstrated by their actions towards others. In Mark 12, Jesus explains that loving God and loving others are the two most important of God’s commands to keep. If this is true, then how we serve the Lord and those around us is critical to our role as Game Changers for Christ.


Game Changers gently push their peers towards excellence-- on the field, at school, in friendships and in their relationship with Jesus. They invite others to live the “I’m Third” life by leading them in a way that is loving and centered on God’s Truth. Here’s how:


Leading by example.

One of the best ways we can model excellence to those around us is by living excellently ourselves. While we will never be perfect, we are called to lean on Jesus’ strength to live lives of holiness and hard work. When we use the talents, time and resources we’ve been given to their fullest, we demonstrate how to live life in with purpose and God-given determination.


Leading through encouragement.

Everyone needs affirmation-- of their worth, their abilities and their potential. As followers of Christ, Game Changers are called to lift others up through positive, truth-filled encouragement. Intentionally speaking kindness into someone’s life who may be struggling, hurting or insecure can completely change the game for how someone views themselves, and, even more importantly, how they view God. One kind word can speak volumes to someone’s soul and can help point them to Christ. Game Changers take every opportunity to edify those around them.


Leading through prayer.

None of us is able to carry the burden of leadership alone. We need others to help us, and we need Jesus to give us the ability, energy and wisdom to lead. Game Changers spend more time on their knees than they do at a pulpit or podium. True leaders are humbly and daily led by God, who alone gives us the strength to effectively lead those around us.


We want you to be a Game Changer who leads others to excellence in Christ. And we are excited to grow with you in that this summer at Kamp! For more encouragement and updates on everything Kanakuk, follow us on Twitter & Facebook!


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