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A Game Changer Abides

“A Game Changer is someone who has the presence of the Spirit, wants to honor the Father, all while living in the grace that only Jesus Christ can provide. That spurs them on to love God with everything they have.” – Brent Potter (@brentpotter) KampOut! Site Director


Game Changers are defined by their actions, and their external obedience is a reflection of an internal reality. The steadfastness, peace and joy seen in the life of a Game Changer is made possible through a personal and consistent connection with Christ through abiding in His Word, abiding in prayer and abiding in fellowship with other believers.


No person has the ability to change the game on their own. We need the presence the Holy Spirit to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Without Christ, our love grows stale, our patience wears thin and our endurance wanes. Jesus is our only true source of goodness and strength, and without Him even the most brave athlete is ultimately without purpose or power.


But with God, even the smallest and weakest of us have the power to change the game. The Holy Spirit infuses Christ-followers with relentless, unquenchable strength to endure trials, overcome obstacles and help reroute the eternal course of the lives of others. There’s no power in all of the universe that can hinder God’s children from carrying out His purpose for them.


What gratitude, humility and confidence can be found in the heart of a Game Changer! Those who abide in Christ daily experience a supernatural assurance of what’s to come. It is this constant hope that satisfies and supplies us with the ability to love and live with perseverance.


We want all of our Kampers to experience the abundant life of a Game Changer who abides with Jesus this summer! For daily encouragement and Kamp news, follow us on Twitter and Facebook!