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A Few of Our Favorite Things

The turning leaves and dropping can only mean one thing—Summer 2016 is officially over and fall is beginning. It’s no secret that summer is our favorite time of year at Kanakuk, and Summer 2016 was one for the books!


As we get into the swing of the new school year, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the wonderful things the Lord did this summer. Here’s what Kampers and their families said were some of their favorite things about Kamp!


Making New Friends and Lasting Relationships

One phrase that is very popular at Kamp is, “Kamp friends are the best friends!” When Kampers from all over the world come together to have unlimited fun and worship the Lord, friendships that last a lifetime come to be. Whether it’s with another Kamper or one of our staff members, friendships built at Kamp are life-changing.


“I have met my best friend. We visit each other from Arkansas to Colorado every year. The best part about our friendship is it is based off of faith. I can't imagine my life without the impact that people at camp leave on me. I still stay in touch with counselors and leaders and they guide me in my fight year round.” -Hallee, Kamper


“I like Kanakuk because it is a place where lifelong friends are made and the focus of every friendship is the Lord! It is a blessing to come to such an uplifting place where there are no worldly distractions and just continually having people pour into you throughout the term!” -Alexis, Kamper


Growing in Your Walk with Christ

Our world today is full of busyness and distractions. Sometimes, it can be difficult to prioritize spending time with God when we have so much on our plates. That’s why we love Kamp! It’s the perfect time to escape distractions and refocus on what’s really important: growing closer to our Lord and Savior.


“No matter what I'm going through or where I am in my walk with the Lord, I know walking into Kamp that I will constantly be pointed to the Cross and I will leave knowing the indescribable power of Christ’s love.” -Carly, Kamper


“I like Kanakuk because it is teaching my kids to be leaders for Christ! I never thought I would see my children get up in the morning to read their bible, especially while on vacation. It has been the best experience.” -An’na, Parent


Strengthening Families

At Kanakuk, we know the best foundation for a strong family is one that’s rooted in God’s word. We love hearing how Kamp has helped parents and children grow closer as they serve the Lord together!


“I like Kanakuk because of the way we see the Lord using it as a tool to cultivate and bring out the BEST in our kiddos. After each of their times at Kamp, we see marked shifts in their character for the best and we see an increase in their ownership over their walk with the Lord. We couldn't imagine a better investment in our children than their Kanakuk experience each summer.”  -Bryan and Carrie, Parents


“I like Kanakuk because, it is the best place on planet earth! My family and I go to K-Kauai, we have been going for 10 years now and this is going to be our 11th! We have been going ever since K-Kauai started. It truly has had a deep impact on my family and my own life a ton. We grow so much every time. Not only do I grow in the word, I get to meet new friends that will last a lifetime!” -Sydnie, Kamper


The power of God’s love has no limits, and we’re so thankful to know that He touched so many lives this summer at Kamp!


This fall season, look back and be thankful for how God has worked in your life and will continue to do so. Kamp isn’t just about a few days out of your summer– it’s about life-changing encounters with God that make a lasting impact. We’re already excited to see what God has planned for Summer 2017!


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