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Enjoying Springtime as a Family

It’s almost springtime! Daylight savings time, spring break  and our countdown to summer. It’s a fun time that will race by as Kampers finish up the school year and we make preparations for Kamp!


We want to encourage you to make the most of this busy season. By making memories and spending intentional time with our families, we can create opportunities to grow together as a family. Here’s how:


Value quality over quantity. If the only time you get to spend with your family is around the dinner table-- make it count! Ask your kids the “highs and lows” of their day, what exciting things are going on at school or what they’re most looking forward to this week. Presenting fun, engaging questions is a great way to foster meaningful conversations with your family.


Encourage one another. Take the time to specifically encourage your kids in each goal they pursue. Whether it’s sports, school or extracurricular activities, make an effortto observe and affirm your child’s strengths. Write a note or send them off to school with a word of encouragement. By instilling them with confidence, we equip them to undertake each task with excellence.


Serve together. Even in the busiest of seasons, we want to live “I’m Third.” by prioritizing a time each week to serve those around you. Maybe it’s making a meal for your neighbors or volunteering at your church or in your local community. Continually placing God first will teach your kids the importance of loving others in the midst of busy schedules.


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