Back to School Encouragement | Kanakuk Kamps
Back to School Encouragement

It’s a new school year, Kampers! As we settle into our new routines, let us be reminded of God’s provision among the changing seasons. Summer is a time for growth, but fall is a time for harvest—a time for us to reap God’s blessings and dwell in his evergreen faithfulness. In this excitement of a fresh start, have you stopped to consider what God envisions for your life in the year ahead?


We believe our Kampers are some of the brightest, most passionate young adults in the country. Each and every one of you were created to make an impact exactly where the Lord has placed you. How powerful is that?!


As things begin to get busy, we ask that you take a moment to invite the Lord to move in your school and community this year—and to use you in amazing, God-honoring ways throughout the upcoming weeks and months. Each new school year is a renewed opportunity to make a difference for the Kingdom. Are you ready?


“Anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person. The past is forgotten, and everything is new.”

2 Corinthians 5:17


Before we can charge through the hallways loving people like Jesus does, we must first check our own heart and attitude. Are you ready to say, “Yes” to the Lord doing big things this school year? Are you committed to living out each day with enthusiasm? Are you prepared to intentionally carry a positive attitude? Are you ready to to give this year to Jesus? After all, haven’t we been given this life to make a difference?


At Kamp this summer, we “reignited” our hearts for Christ. Let’s keep that flame alive all year long! If you are ready for Jesus to do big things, then walking with Jesus each day is important. He gives us a fresh start every day. He puts air in your lungs and enables our bodies to work. It’s our job as followers of Jesus to live everyday for His glory. We know we aren’t perfect, but each day we have the choice to wake up new and say, “ Lord, this day is Yours. Order my steps and help me to do Your will.”


“The Lord can always be trusted to show mercy each morning.”

Lamentations 3:23


Kampers, we are so proud of you! We know that each school year brings new challenges, but we believe in your courage and faithfulness! Surrender your year to the Lord's will and embrace where Jesus has planted you for this season.


The Holy Spirit lives within you, always, as your source of strength. This year, you can be God’s love on display for all to see. You’ve been fully equipped by Him to stay “ignited” all year. We cannot wait to watch that happen!