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All You Need to Know About Kamp Mail

“You’ve got mail,”­—Kamp mail, that is!


As your kids countdown the days until they Run Free with us at Kamp, we wanted to share a few fun ways you can surprise your Kamper this summer! Our Kampers love the thrill of receiving packages and mail so we want to share ideas of what to send and what not to send as well as everything you need to know about Kamp Mail.



Parents, family and friends are welcome to send packages to your Kamper anytime during Kamp. If you want to send your Kamper a surprise everyday, we make it easy. Simply drop off any packages or mail on Opening Day at the office to be given to your Kamper daily. If you prefer to send something by mail, you can find the address for each Kamp here or in the graphic below.


How Mail time Works


A question we get asked quite often is how does mail time work and when does my child receive their package? When mail arrives, your Kamper will be given a slip telling them they have a package waiting at the office. This is one of the best times of the day because Kamper’s faces always light up when they get the news. They then excitedly go to the office to unwrap your fun surprise!


What to Send & What Not to Send


Sending your Kamper a package is a great way to send them love and remind them that you are thinking of them. At the same time, ideas of what to send can begin to seem overwhelming and so much of it can either help or hinder your Kamper’s time. Below is a list of ideas that are great to send and other items that are better to be left at home.


Ideas of What to Send

​​​·      Glow sticks and bracelets

·      Pool toys

·      Coloring material: markers, coloring books, journals

·      Hair supplies

·      Stuffed animals

·      Jewelry making supplies

·      Little gifts for the Cabin

·      Bubbles

·      Socks

·      Board games, cards and etc.


Items that we kindly ask you not to send:

·      Food of any kind: snacks, candy, gum

·      Party poppers

·      Books/Magazines


Encouraging Your Kamper


While mailtime is a great time, it’s also a time where homesickness can arise and we want your Kamper’s time at Kamp to be the best summer imaginable! One of the ways you can help prevent or cope with homesickness, is with positive and encouraging words.

· Prompt your Kamper - “Have you tried something new? Tell me about the friends you’re making! What was your favorite activity today?” Asking questions helps Kampers reflect on their time at Kamp and share that with you in a return letter.

· Keep your Kamper up to date with things they love - send a sports score on their favorite team or say, “I heard this song on the radio and it made me think of you.” Each reminds your Kamper that you are thinking of them.

· Encourage them to dive in - a letter from mom and dad or a friend positively encouraging them to try new things just might be the push they need to try that new sport or make a new friend.

· Give them the opportunity to grow - Send your Kamper a positive opportunity to learn and grow by not giving them an out. Don’t ask them if you need to come get them. They need to know you want them to have fun and enjoy making new the friendships Kamp provides!

We love your Kamper and can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces when they read your letters. Your encouraging words play a key role in creating the summer of a lifetime for your Kamper!


What are other ways you encourage your Kamper to try new things and have a blast at Kamp?