7 Ways to Pray for Kamp 2015 | Kanakuk Kamps
7 Ways to Pray for Kamp 2015
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We couldn’t be more ready for Kamp to start in just 15 days! Opening day is unlike any other: The entire Kanakuk community is filled with excitement for the growth, fun and adventure they get to experience at Kamp this year. Old friends are reunited, new friends are made, and each member of the Kanakuk family embarks on a unique journey to understanding more of what it means to live “I’m Third.”


We’d love for you to partner with us as we pray for this new season at Kanakuk. Here are seven things to pray for this summer:


Open Hearts

We invite our Kampers to be filled and encouraged by biblical teaching and personal time with God. Kamp is the perfect opportunity to unplug from worldly distractions and carefully listen to the truth of God’s Word. We pray for open hearts for our staff and Kampers, so that the Lord’s work can be fully realized in the minds and lives of the Kanakuk community.


One of the most fun parts of Kamp is its adventure! We want to instill confidence in our Kampers to engage in new sports and activities, regardless of skill level. Kamp is a safe place for kids to create test their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Pray for the courage to dig deeper and try new things - athletically, relationally and spiritually.

Strength for the Staff

At Kanakuk, we believe we have the world’s best staff. These young men and women joyfully dedicate a portion of his or her summer to serve our Kampers, and we couldn’t be more thankful for their commitment to Kamp. Pray for sustained energy and focus for each of our staff members as they pour out their love and encouragement to our Kampers!

Lasting Impressions

The lessons learned at Kamp are meant to last a lifetime - not just the length of a Kamp term. Pray that the truth of the Gospel would anchor into the hearts of our Kampers, so that they would fully experience the freedom and purpose found in Christ.

Life-Changing Experiences

Each talk, devo and time of worship is meant to foster in our Kampers a deeper desire to follow Christ. Our aim is to daily uplift the Kanakuk community with the good news of the Gospel. Pray for conviction, sensitivity to God’s will and the determination to go forward in obedience!

Strong Friendships

Kanakuk creates an environment that fosters strong, Christ-centered relationships. This community is crucial to spiritual growth, and we want our Kampers to have every chance maintain and grow healthy friendships during their time here. Pray for inclusiveness and love to reign throughout all of our Kamps this summer.

Conviction to Live “I’m Third”

“Jesus is first, Others are Second, and I’m Third.” It is our desire that each of our staff members and Kampers exemplify this call to selflessness. Kanakuk exists to make disciples, and it’s our prayer that the “I’m Third” life will characterize every member of our Kamp family.

We can’t wait to see all of our Game Changers here in just two weeks! For daily encouragement and Kanakuk news, follow us on Twitter & Facebook!