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3 Ways to Help Your Child Become a "Game Changer" This Summer
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Can you believe that Kampers arrive in just eight days?!  We can’t wait to see what the summer has in store! This new season at Kanakuk brings exciting adventures and challenges, as each of our Kampers will be equipped and inspired to be “Game Changers” both on and off the field.


Kanakuk exists to help develop the next generation of godly leaders, and we believe parents play the most critical role in that development. As parents walk alongside their children on a daily basis, they have a unique view into every aspect of their character - their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, areas of confidence and insecurity. Parents’ words and influence - more than any teacher, coach, counselor or friend - matter. That means you have the power to help your kids become “Game Changers” long before the Kamp term begins!


Here are three ways you can prepare your kids to become Game Changers this summer:



It is the Holy Spirit who changes hearts, and Kampers’ spiritual development depends wholly on His work. As vessels of God’s love and truth, the most effective way to help your child grow is to commit their lives and their relationship with Christ to daily prayer. You can entrust our Kampers’ minds and hearts to the Lord, knowing that His love for them is infinite, and His purposes for them never fails!

Daily Challenge

Fill your child’s free time this with a daily or weekly challenge. Maybe it’s improving his or her jump shot, swimming a mile in the pool or perfecting a particular skill, or perhaps it’s reading a chapter of a book, journaling or memorizing a Bible verse. Prioritize setting and reaching goals each day to instill in your Kamper the importance of perseverance.

Setting an example of “I’m Third”

Whether a maturing teen or just starting school, your child emulates your character, actions and words. It’s never too late to begin setting an example of godliness and selflessness to your child through kind words, daily encouragement and service to others. Show your Kamper the importance of putting God and others above yourself, and spur your children on to do the same.


We can’t wait to help you and your family become “Game Changers” at Kamp this summer. What does being a #GameChanger mean to you? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!