3 Fun Family Fall Activities | Kanakuk Kamps
3 Fun Family Fall Activities

Happy Fall, Kanakuk Family! We hope you’re enjoying a season filled with filled with pumpkins, bonfires, flannels and friends. Personally, we can’t think of a better combo!


When it comes to all things fun and costumes, Kanakuk-ers are experts. From Kamp parties to K-Life, being a part of the Kanakuk community means becoming well-versed in the fine arts of clever costume making and ridiculous fun.


Exhibit A:

Description: K-2-0879.jpg

Bowling at K-2’s Adventures in Dentures Party

Exhibit B:

Description: untitled-2413.jpg

K-Seven Shenanigans

Exhibit C:

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K-1 Dream Job Party

This said, we thought it in your best interest to offer some ideas to help you and your family become the hosts with most at all your fun fall festivities:

1.     Neighborhood Costume Competition

If you’re anything like us, you’re a fan of a little friendly competition. Invite kids in your neighborhood to participate in a 1st Annual Fall Costume Contest, where they don their best costume and present themselves on a makeshift stage in the front yard. Maybe even have each participant prepare a 30 second in-character monologue explaining who they are. Winner receives a prize of your choice. Need ideas for your get-up? We’ve got you covered.

 2Fall Folklore

We’re all about some good ole fashion folklore at Kamp. Get together with some other families in your neighborhood, gather in the living room or backyard, and have each parent share his or her own 5-minute “mystery” tale where the listeners have the guess the ending. This is a fun way to showcase your creativity and bond with other families in your community!

  3Pumpkin Pie Contest

Who’s got the sweetest pie-making skills? It’s time to think outside of the box of traditional pumpkin pie and make it your own. Pumpkin pie + candy corn? Chocolate chips? Coffee cake?! We’ll let you decide. You and your family can flex your creative muscles by coming up with a new and delicious pumpkin pie recipe, then host a contest amongst friends. Winner gets alllll the pies.


Is fall your favorite season? (Next to summer, of course.) If so, tell us why on Facebook or Twitter!