2020 Party Themes Are Here! | Kanakuk Kamps
2020 Party Themes Are Here!

Are you as excited as we are about the Summer 2020 Party Themes? Let the #CountdownToKamp begin! 


It’s time to get creative and show your personality in your costumes this summer. Theme Parties are one of our favorite parts of Kamp, and they are the perfect opportunity to meet new friends and grow in confidence. We can’t wait to celebrate them with you this summer!


If you’re like us and can’t wait to start brainstorming your costume packing list, we have just the inspiration for you! Keep reading to uncover all of Summer 2019’s theme party details. Click here to visit and bookmark our Pinterest page, where we will pin outfits and accessories to inspire your party attire over the coming weeks.


To learn which parties will be hosted during your particular term, you can visit kanakukparties.com. We can’t wait to see what outfits and costumes our Kampers dream up!

Year 5000

Destination: Outer Space. Year: 5,000. Plan: Party. The future is here, with fog, blacklights, and aliens, who knows what this new world will look like? Be prepared to find pieces to a spaceship or learn a dance move from another planet, for the future has never been closer!


Take Me to Tokyo

That’s right – the Olympics are coming! A day full of competition complete with a smorgasbord of great food from all over the world! Track spikes, swimsuits, and goggles make the required packing list as athletes (and spectators) unite to create a day for the ages! Pride is on the line as athletes attempt to raise their country’s flag! Can you land the perfect 10?


Summer Jam

A music festival for the ages stretching from Branson to Lampe, every inch of the 26 miles will be filled with the most diverse and talent filled lineup ever assembled! With food, music, and lights, we have something for every appetite. SO grab your guitar, find your friends, and make your way to the Summer Jam! Bring your RV or book your hotel now, because space is limited!


Medieval Mayhem

The Knight awaits as jesters and jousters, peasants and pirates invade the gates. Royalty is the name of the game, but everyone has a part to play in this middle-century, shining-armor showdown! The drawbridge is closing, so hurry on in!


Kanakuk Career Fair

Hold up! Careers are on the line and imaginations run wild in this camper craze to land the job of their dreams. NASCAR drivers, scuba divers, long lost gold miners, and even honey bee hivers collaborate to lock down their future 401k’s! All you need is a resume and a reason to dream big!


Denim and Diamonds

It’s a boots and bowties kinda night! Hip-hop turned country and redneck gone formal, this one is a clash of cultures as ballrooms and haybales set the stage for a mud-on-the-tires, chain-hang-low, hillbilly-uptown hoedown!


Camouflage Entourage

Reporting for duty, Kanakuk style. Put on that camouflage and grab your crew because Kamp is going all out for this bootcamp boogie with a mystery in the making. Platoons of cabins, teams of seals, and a mission too big to miss. Kamp wants YOU! Enlist now and take the risk.



Under Construction

Strap on your hardhats and throw on that obnoxious reflecting vest that you secretly love and make your way to the construction site! It’s demolition derby, a skyscraper scramble, and a Pinterest paradise. Architects, bulldozers, and shiplap come together in epic fashion. It’s hammertime!