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2019 Party Themes

Are you as excited as we are about the Summer 2019 Party Themes? Let the countdown to Kamp begin!

Put your thinking cap on because it’s time to get creative and show your personality in your costumes this summer. Theme Parties are one of our favorite parts of Kamp, and they are the perfect opportunity to meet new friends and grow in confidence. We can’t wait to celebrate them with you this summer!


If you’re like us and can’t wait to start brainstorming your costume packing list, we have just the inspiration for you! Keep reading to uncover all of Summer 2019’s theme party details. Click here to visit and bookmark our Pinterest page, where we will pin outfits and accessories to inspire your party attire over the coming weeks.


To learn which parties will be hosted during your particular term, you can visit kanakukparties.com. We can’t wait to see what outfits and costumes our Kampers dream up! This summer at Kamp will be the BEST.ONE.YET!




12 Kampers set sail on what was scheduled to be a three-hour tour on the trusty Kanakuk cruiser. The tour turns to terror as the boat gets swept into a storm and ends up stranded on a deserted island with no realistic return. The castaways must work together using all their skills and resources to make it back to Kamp before TAPS. Will they make it?



Party on the Prairie

The only place better than home is on the prairie! For one night, farmers will put down the plow and ranchers will leave their horses in the stable to come enjoy a night out west—we'll provide the picnic basket and Mama's cookin', you just put on your best overalls and be prepared for a wild party on the prairie!



Disco Manifesto

Kanakuk Kamps hereby decrees that this summer we're taking it back to the 70s! Grab your bell bottoms, afro, and tie dye, then book it to the dance floor because life is too short not to get your 'groove' on! This party's manifesto: 'It's Boogie Time!'



Christmas with a ‘K’

The best day of the year is here in all its glory—Christmas with a K! Tinsel and lights and everything nice abound in this festive holiday daze. The hot chocolate is flowing, the snow is falling, and Kamp is calling you to join the party! Don't forget to put out your milk and cookies and grab those tacky holiday sweaters and flannel PJs because the sleigh is waiting and Christmas is coming!



Senior Night

It's never too late to go crazy at Kamp, even as a grandma or grandpa! Break out the bingo, grab a pair of glasses, and come with a cane as you join the senior crowd of Branson, MO. Don't worry about your social media or phones—you don't know how to use them anyway! Just slick back your gray hair and throw on your favorite penny loafers, and you'll have a night of oldies you will surely forget!



Ready, Set, Game!

Come on down and step into the world of games! It's time to test your wit, strength, luck, and skills as we step into the tv or the game board to create an experience that's larger than life! Will you be able to spot it as the battleships move in this monopoly? Will your price be right or will it end in the feud of families? Get your game face on!



Mathletes & Athletes

A clash between brawns and brains. These two unlikely characters find themselves in the midst of one of time's oldest battles: strength versus smarts. Will the powerful prevail—or will the IQ triumph? Grab your helmet and jersey, your glasses and your bookmarks, because this will be a story you will not want to miss.



Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Cue the lyrics because we're going back to America's pastime in all its grandeur. This red, white, and blue night offers a little bit of something for everyone as the stadium comes to life. This one's sure to go to extra innings! Don your jerseys, pull out your jorts, and build your appetite as we root, root, root for the home team!