2015 Party Themes Released! | Kanakuk Kamps
2015 Party Themes Released!

The 2015 Kanakuk party themes are here! Start getting those costumes ready and prepare to have a blast with us this summer. Learn more at kanakukparties.com

2015 Party Themes

Adventures in Dentures


Calling all grandpas and grandmas! Checkered pants, penny loafers, and moo-moos are the suggested attire to compete in wheelchair races and horseshoes! Look no further than Branson, Missouri or your local Senior Citizen Center to find the inspiration you’ll need to fit in at the adventure party of the decade… the decade of the 1940’s, that is! Brush up on your favorite songs, dances, and games from the early 20th century, because prizes are up for grabs! Who knows?! You might even win a whole quarter! 


Cirque de Ole


Hola Amigos! Dress up like your favorite circus animal, a clown, or a juggler, and come and smash a piñata with us at this grande, loco, and mucho excellente Cirque de Ole! You’ve heard of Cinco De Mayo, but what about circus of the century… the fiesta that’s the best-a…the Cirque de Ole?! Hold your sombrero because this is going to be crazier than a chihuahua who just ate a bowl of hot tamales! Who’s coming? Circus clowns and elephants weighing a thousand pounds! Inspirational power lifter “Macho Man” and the crowd’s favorite “Nacho Man”! 


Dream Job


Sport a briefcase and a suit, throw on your astronaut space suit, or strap on your helmet and shoulder pads because its time to get hired! What have you always wanted to be when you grow up?! Here’s your chance to live it out! Get ready to apply and get hired for your dream job! Want to be a doctor? Firefighter? NBA superstar? A cow-milkin’ farmer?! You’re invited to try them all out – and dress the part! This is the night where all your “hard work” will pay off and all your “dream jobs” come true! 


Hungry Games


Grab an apron, a bib, (and maybe some stretchy pants), or dress like your favorite food because we’re going to tickle our taste buds with all of your best buds in the world! You had better come to this party hungry because hot dogs, ice cream sandwiches, and candy will be sampled by the bucket load! It will feel like the best buffet you’ve ever seen! What can you eat? How fast can you eat it? This party is a gut-buster in more ways than one! You’ll have more food and more fun than you’ve ever had in your life! 


Jurassica Fantastika


Dress up like a dinosaur, caveman, or an archeologist to help us fight back in this explosive battle that’s sure to be DINO-mite! Fresh footprints have been discovered, fossils have been uncovered and the rumors are flying around like a pterodactyl… DINOSAURS are back! The dinorsaurs are attempting to return Kanakuk to the Stone Age without ziplines, blobs, and boats! The brontosauruses and triceratops may look friendly, but could they be teaming up with the most ferocious dinosaur of all time… K-Rex?! We need every archaeological bone in your body to help defend Kamp and save our summer! 


Moo-stache Bash


A good ole fashioned All-Amoorican ho-down is back, and what would a ho-down be without a herd of folks with spectacular mustaches?!! Grab your overalls, boots, and cowboy hats and moooooove yourself onto that dance floor and let’s party! Don’t forget to come without some piece of “face furniture” that fits your moood.  You could go with a fumanchu, handlebars or a pencil-thin style. Join us where the roosters crow, the chickens cluck and cow’s mooooonwalk across the dance floor! Come on down to the farm – we’ll see y’all there!


Those are your 2015 Kanakuk party themes! Hurry up and get ready! It's going to be a blast!!