100 Days Til Kamp | Kanakuk Kamps
100 Days Til Kamp

ATTENTION: Tomorrow is a very important day. Huge, actually.

Tomorrow our #CountdowntoKamp reaches double digits and we just can’t contain our excitement! We’ve been hard at work preparing, planning and praying for the most exciting, rewarding and fun-filled summer yet. Summertime may feel far away right now, but we promise it’s going to be worth the wait and be here before we know it!


Whether you’re most excited about blobbing, coffee cake or reuniting with all your amazing Kamp friends (or all of the above) we can’t wait to see you all again for an incredible summer––a summer that we believe might just change your life.


This year, our theme “Run Free” comes from Psalm 119:32, which says “I shall run the way of Your commandments for You will enlarge my heart.” We truly believe that when we run wildly after God and His commandments, we are able to love Him, others and ourselves with greater intentionality and purpose. Obedience isn’t always easy––but it is always worth it! When we are obedient to Him, we can run the race in confidence, knowing our path has already been laid out before us and that He is running alongside us, ready to encourage and lift us up when we feel tired!


True freedom comes from full obedience to Him. When we let go of trying to do it all ourselves, He gives us strength when we’re weak, joy when we feel sad and peace when we aren’t sure what to do. He gives all of this to us freely––all we have to do is ask Him! When we walk in obedience out of our love for Him, living the #ImThird lifestyle comes naturally. Our hearts grow, and we are able to love Him and those around us better.


We are so incredibly excited to dive deeper into this theme with you this summer––in our 90th summer of developing Christian athletes and young leaders! Together, we’ll grow in His wisdom, give unconditional love, increase in athleticism and make life-long friends. This summer will be the summer of lifetime, and we are looking forward to you being a part of it. So, see you soon!