Kings River | Kanakuk Kamps
Kings River
Hello all, 
Boston Ferry was a success and now we are at Kings River. The kids built their first A-Frame shelter and slept in it last night, some were quite nervous. Another thing that made most of the Kampers nervous, was repelling. We all got to repel off a 150ft bluff that looks 300ft. I am proud to say that ALL the Kampers went down the bluff. This was a hard test of faith for some, but as we well know at survival Kamp, "The easy way out is not the best way out". It does not teach you like the hard way. NEVER QUIT! The first step that the Kampers took off the giant bluff taught them what true trust and faith is, not only in other people, but more importantly in God. 
What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced? Does it increase your faith? What are some other ways we can strengthen our faith?
Adventure Staff--


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