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Kamp: K-West

K-West is full of fun activities and adventures to engage in, satisfying a wide-variety of interests and outlets of FUN! Across the board, one of kampers' favorite activities is the Ropes Course.

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Summer is in full swing! Kampers have been here for over a week, which means that Term 1 is more than halfway done at K-West.

And just like that…it’s over.
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Howdy y'all, get rowdy y'all, K-West be rockin' that party y'all! 


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The lake is one of our favorite places to be at Kamp. Getting to spend a few hours in the warm water, feeling the heat from the sun on your skin just brings our the happy in anyone!

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Ever wonder what it would be like to be at Kamp for a day?? 


The Justice League was established by a group of the noblest and most famous super heros in order to protect our world from every impending danger it could possibly face.

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The gates opened up and the Kampers flooded in. It had been about 9 months too long since Kampers had set foot in K-West, but on June 3rd that all changed! 


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