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Bethany Hamilton’s incredible story is one of tragic loss with an even greater come-back. Although she lost her arm in 2003 to a shark attack, Bethany didn’t give up on her dreams, and she’s continued to pursue professional surfing ever since. Although she faced terrible tragedy, she jumped back into the water—fearless.


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Happy #FirstDayOfFall to our Kanakuk family!

At K-Seven, we are passionate about intentionally investing into our Kampers to help them develop their leadership capabilities to be Game Changers at home!


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"A Game Changer is someone who doesn't just athletically excel, a Game Changer is someone who spiritually propels others towards excellence in Christ." –Keith Chancey, K-Seven Director

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Can you believe January is almost over? You may have noticed this past week that we’re having to work a bit harder to keep up those New Year’s resolutions.

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