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Not all teenagers can say they have climbed a telephone pole, scaled a rock wall or rappelled more than two stories. At K-Seven, Kampers can do all of these in one place--the "Summit"!


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At K-Seven, we are known for our awesome themed parties and our annual talent show! What could possibly be better than one of these? Both! A themed party AND a talent show!

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We love celebrating our Kampers at Closing Ceremonies! Every Saturday at 7 am, K-Seven buzzes with activity as families arrive and our staff help load luggage into cars.


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Yesterday we welcomed Kampers into the K-West gates! The 2015 staff could not be more excited to invest into these kids and have a whole lot of fun with them for the next two weeks.

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We are so excited summer 2015 is finally here!

Summer 2015 is here! The theme for this summer is Game Changer.

What a joy it is to inspire our audience with God's Word each month! We'd love for you to download these graphics and share them with family and friends. Enjoy! 

"A Game Changer is someone who i


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