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Delicious recipes make a meal special, but it’s the company around the table who make meals memorable. As many of you know, we are rebuilding the K-Seven Dining Hall so that Kampers for generations to come can build community around the table.

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The K-Seven Dock is a huge part of our Kampers' summers!

Although every day at Kamp looks similar, each one is filled with exciting activities and new things to try!

As Summer 2015 comes to a close, we want to thank our K-Seven family for a "Game Changing" summer. Thank you, staff, for loving Kampers and helping this ministry run.

Everything is truly awesome about our "Everything is Awesome" Party!


Crosstalk is a night of prayer and presenting the gospel. Our Crosstalk this year shows God's love and victory through the message of the Prodigal Son.

Counting down to the New Year is a ball at K-Seven! 


Treetops allows Kampers to overcome obstacles and reach new heights.


Ready or not, Archery Tag has come to K-Seven this Summer!

Flannels, denim and friendly faces are everywhere during our K-Seven Moo-stache Bash!


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