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One of our most popular and valuable traditions at K-Kountry is the Gospel Skit! We know that each Kamper will hear the Gospel multiple times here at Kamp, but the Gospel Skit is a fun, visual and relatable way for the Kampers to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel Skit itself is not the primary way we teach Kampers the Gospel, but rather, it is a platform and stepping stone in which we can build upon. We are merely instruments in God's plan and redemptive work, and it is amazing to see the ways that the Gospel Skit can serve as an instrument to speak life into these Kampers!


The skit this year takes place in Paris, France and it is titled "King of Cakes." The skit revolves around a successful baker, Chef LaBlanc, his daughter Chloe, and her best friend Claud. Chef LaBlanc just received France's highest award for cooking and has now been titled the "King of Cakes." However, it is actually Chloe's dream to grow out of her father's shadow and make a name for herself, hopefully becoming the Queen of Cakes. 


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