Safety | Kanakuk Kamps

When considering a summer camp home for your child, safety is an important topic. Kanakuk has committed to making child safety priority #1.

Kamper Safety - Our #1 Priority

Kanakuk has developed a multi-faceted, comprehensive system designed to provide a safe and healthy Christian summer camp environment for your child. Stringent staff hiring and training, child protection education for Kampers, a tree maintenance plan, comprehensive weather safety protocols, and three full-time equipment maintenance personnel are just some of the ways Kanakuk makes Kamper safety priority #1. 

Kanakuk and Joe White hold your child’s safety in the highest importance, which is why we’ve developed...
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A key ingredient in keeping Kanakuk safe and fun is ensuring that Kampers and staff know the rules and...
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Healthy relationships between Kampers and counselors are an important part of the summer camp experience....
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