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Christian Summer Camp - Since 1926

Since 1926, Kanakuk has been the Christian summer camp for over 450,000 youth. As a world leader among Christian summer camps, Joe White and his committed Kanakuk staff provide children with fun, safe and professional outdoor youth camping experiences that grow them spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially. Our leadership programs, rigid hiring procedures, and low staff turn-over rates allow us to hire summer camp staff that are leaders in their schools, churches and communities. Learn more here about customizing your child's summer camp experience.

Kids Love Summer Camp

Kids have a blast with friends their age while participating in over 70 summer camp activities, sports and amazing themed parties. Kids also love the Spiritual emphasis at Kanakuk! Included in tuition, each Kamper receives an age-specific year long devotional book for use at Kamp and at home.

Our Staff and Leadership
Our summer camp staff includes over 2,000 dedicated, kid-loving, Christ-following, fun-producing college students. Full-time leadership staff train and prepare them in five areas: Readiness to serve in a Christ-like manner; Coaching skills and Kamper safety; Core Kanakuk philosophies; Activity based application of Biblical principles; Creating an uplifting, fun and encouraging environment.
Our Summer Camp Programs
1-Week overnight camps

A new and exciting summer experience awaits your child in Kanakuk's 1-Week overnight summer camp program. Spiritual growth and fun packed days are tailored to specific age groups in two camp facilities.

Ages 6-11
Ages 12-18
2-week overnight camps

Our most popular option! Fun, inspiring adventure describes the Kanakuk Leadership Experience at our three 2-Week summer camp facilities. Kanakuk is intentional about the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social growth and development of our Next Generation. 2-Weeks allows for more confidence building activities, deeper friendships and a meaningful break from the digital world.

Ages 6 - 11
Ages 12-14
Ages 14-18
4-week overnight camps

Life-changing! Nothing else describes what 4-Weeks at Kanakuk means to a child better than life-changing. Generations of families have seen the value of allowing their child to be encouraged, stretched, and challenged in the God-honoring, nurturing environment of Kanakuk. Over the course of 4-Weeks your child will enjoy all the fun Kamp has to offer, but even more important - your child will have the unique opportunity to build life-long friendships with Counselors and Kampers that can only be forged over an extended period of bible-based teaching/mentoring wrapped in shared adventures. 4-Weeks at Kanakuk is an investment measured in weeks, but the value and benefits continue for a lifetime.

Ages 6 - 12
Ages 13-18
Our Day Camp Program - KampOut!

KampOut! is an exciting 5-day program in your community led by professional Kanakuk staff. It's a great way to introduce your child to summer camp, or to let children not old enough for our overnight camps benefit from the fun and learning a camp experience provides. Kids have a blast flying down our zipline, scaling the climbing wall, bouncing in the incredible inflatables, and laughing at our crazy skits!

Ages 5-12
Our Family Camp Program

Wildly popular! Our K-Kauai Family Kamp allows entire families, from infants to grandparents, to enjoy all the fun that Kamp has to offer. This resort quality family camp, located in Branson, Missouri is designed so mom and dad can be refreshed and encouraged spiritually through dynamic speakers, parents nights, and relationship building community. Kids are cared for by highly trained staff and encouraged during age tailored activity times including; games, family event nights, swimming, and more!

All Ages - Infant to Grandparent
The Kanakuk Difference
Kanakuk is an exceptional community of parents, Kampers and staffers encouraging one another toward Christ. This summer your child will take a refreshing break from the fast-paced, digital world, and become a more confident and stronger leader of themselves, others and their communities.
Kanakuk Helps Kids Grow
Exciting Adventures!
Kanakuk provides intentional experiences designed to help your child grow in confidence and Christian character.
Kanakuk gives my kids experiences they can't get anywhere else. Even better, those experiences are intentionally crafted to help my son and daughter grow spiritually and in character. We love Kanakuk!
We Develop Leaders
My child is a stronger Christian because of Kamp....
At Kanakuk, our desire is that Kampers have an incredible summer adventure that helps them grow: in confidence, in faith, and in love for others.
I would never have believed how much Kanakuk could impact my child. He's grown up in a Christian home all his life, but I can honestly say that his summers at Kanakuk have taught him to "own" his faith. Kanakuk has definitely impacted my child for eternity.
Kanakuk Is An Investment In Your Child's Future
Kanakuk's the best investment we ever made!
Summers at Kanakuk aren't just an investment in fun and friendship. They are an intentional investment in helping your child grow in their character, and ability to communicate and defend their faith.
I've always said, we'll give up quite a bit of 'necessities' before we give up our child's summers at Kanakuk. There is no way I could ever put a price on the benefit our children (and our family) have received from summers at Kamp. Keep up the great work!

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