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What you need to know

Find out more about our application process and employment details below. If you have any questions, email or call (417) 266-3221.



Application/Interview Deadline

To be considered for a summer staff at Kanakuk, an applicant must complete an online application and personal interview with one of our Kamp Directors by February 1st.

Find an interview location and sign up for an interview here.

Not coming to your school? A personal face-to-face interview is our first choice, but if Kanakuk is not coming to a campus near you or has already been to your campus, then we will review your complete application and work to set up a phone/video interview with you.


MAY 25-JUNE 30

First Half


Second Half

Lengths of employment vary, but staff is typically hired for either the first half or second half of summer. All staff are required to attend Staff Training in May.


A portion of our staff volunteer their time to help fulfill our mission and further our work in ministry. Money saved through these volunteers help provide scholarships to underprivileged Kampers as well as help fund various other ministries around the world. If you are interested in volunteering your time this summer, please ask one of our Director’s during the interview for more details.



First Year Staff Per Week

Compensation is based off year in school and Kamp experience. Staff will also receive one day or two nights off each week.


Staff is responsible for their own transportation to and from Kamp. If you are flying, there are Kamp shuttle services available to and from the airport. For more information, email or call(417) 266-3100