K-West Term 2 Closing Ceremonies 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-West Term 2 Closing Ceremonies 2016

We always love when closing ceremonies come around because of the families we get to meet and reunions we get to witness. It is also very bittersweet knowing we have to say goodbye to the Kampers we have come to know and love so well.


This year, the closing ceremonies schedule is different in that families and friends pick up their Kamper and leave all in the same day. Parents arrive on Friday at 11:00 AM and will leave at 2:00 PM with their Kampers. We hold a picnic outside, present character qualities--where counselors get to honor each Kamper--and close out the event with the tribal ceremony. The Kickapoos, Kiowas, Choctaws and Cherokees find out the winning tribes for the term. It is a great afternoon to say the least! As a staff, we love getting to watch Kampers reunite with their families and get to share all of the great things that we did during the term!


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