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K-West Kamp Sunday
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At K-West, Tuesdays equal Sundays. In hopes to maximize rest and breaking up the schedule, we celebrate the Sabbath on Tuesdays.

Sunday is our most traditional day at Kamp. We start of the day with a little extra sleep and Kanakuk famous coffee cake! We do split meals where boys and girls get to eat by division and cheers fly through the dining hall between brother and sister cabins.

We host a church service in our outdoor town hall each week. This week we heard from AJ Wiebe as he talked through trials and suffering from the passage in Mark 2 we’ve been working through all term. We learned that trials test the genuineness of our faith. Church is always followed by free time, lunch and extra long FOB in our cabins.

Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and ice cream sandwiches are still our long-standing lunch tradition. Sunday afternoons always hold a unique, different than class activity. This week we rotated through four stations where cabins got to play capture the flag and nine-square in the air, have two-stepping and line dancing lessons to get ready for the western party and enjoy pool fun n’ the sun. We finished the day with the Moo-stache Bash under the twinkle lights and had a blast!

Kamp Sundays are treasured here at K-West, and we are grateful for two days of rest and out of the routine fun each term!

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