K-West 2015 K-Life | Kanakuk Kamps
K-West 2015 K-Life
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"Ain't no party like a K-Life party because a K-Life party don't stop!"


We hold five K-Life events a term in the boys gym where Kampers have time to dance, play games, watch a clever skit, worship and hear a message from someone on the leadership team. Each K-Life is a great opportunity for Kampers to have a whole bunch of fun and hear truth spoken as well. K-Life is run by the programs team and is always wildly popular!


This summer, our theme is Game Changer and each K-Life talk has been centered on what it means to be a Game Changer in our everyday lives. We are working through Mark chapter 2 where four men bring a paralytic to Jesus. Jesus proceeds to tell the man to “get up, pick up his mat and walk.” Jesus changed the game of life for the paralytic. Now we get to bring his story to life as we apply it to our own.


K-Life is just one of the many things we get to do at Kanakuk to share Jesus with our Kampers. We are continually grateful for the impact the Lord makes through the staff at K-West.

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