K-West 2015 Campfire Night | Kanakuk Kamps
K-West 2015 Campfire Night

Campfire night is a tradition we do at K-West every summer. Each cabin has its own fire pit to sit around and eat delicious food. We serve sandwiches, chips, fruit, water, and s’mores on this night. The Kampers are able to experience a real campfire in the outdoors and enjoy God’s creation together.


Each cabin is allotted an hour and 45 minutes to eat dinner, laugh, cook s’mores and have a devotional. It is a treasured night every term because of the fellowship that is modeled and the conversations that occur around the fire. There is something special about a campfire that creates vulnerability in a cabin. It is truly a beautiful thing to witness.


Nights like this set Kanakuk apart with authenticity and tradition. Our staff walks boldly and confidently in the Lord knowing that He is doing great works here and we get the privilege of being a part of it.



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