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I'm Third Groups

Yes, Kanakuk Kamps is a summer kamp, but is there a way to facilitate relationships with staff and other kampers all year round centered on the continued study of the Bible? YES! In the past few years, a follow-up program of sorts was designed and kampers were given the opportunity to continue to foster a community in relationship with one another. These are called I’m Third Groups. At the end of the term during closing ceremonies, parents are given the opportunity to approve to their kamper being placed in a group, if their kamper desires. (So, parents, make sure you do this at closing ceremonies!) After kamp, usually in the early fall, kampers are contacted with their group assignment typically with other cabinmates and one or more of their counselors from the summer. The group decides on a time to meet and, via some sort of facetiming app, the group convenes each week and goes over curriculum that works alongside the year-long Bible studies that kampers were given during their time at kamp. Together, the group studies truth, can keep each other accountable, can serve as an encouragement to one another, and can pray for one another. We believe that community is such an important thing for kampers, and I’m Third Groups are simply one way to provide Christian community for kampers throughout the year. Kamp can be a transformational time in terms of a kamper’s relationship with the Lord and it is so fun for kampers to get to continue to walk in that transformation throughout the year alongside people that were with them during kamp! If I’m Third Groups are something of interest to you or your kamper, make sure you give approval during closing ceremonies, or contact the K-West Office and they can enable I’m Third Groups to become a reality for your kiddo!