2018 Big Time Blockbuster Party! | Kanakuk Kamps
2018 Big Time Blockbuster Party!

Every week, K-Seven hosts three totally wild, totally amazing, totally INCREDIBLE parties! Every week, we start off with the Big Time Blockbuster party on Monday evening! Right after dinner, Kampers gather together in the church in their best movie character costumes - from Captain America to Indiana Jones to Boo from Monsters Inc., our Kampers look AMAZING in their different creative ideas! 

From the church, Kampers travel in a group with their teepee and brother/sister teepee. Making their way across 13 different stations, Kampers follow the casting card they filled out earlier in the day to decide which movie they'll be casting in! The stations span across the entire Kamp and include a huge variety of activities, making sure there's something so fun for everyone to enjoy. 

Just a few of the stations include Chopping with Remy - transforming a plain cookie into a masterpiece, while BLINDFOLDED! There's Difficult Mission - a thrilling escapade through our Tribal Warrior course to find all of the missing dolls amidst fog and laser lights! Jurassic Trail - a hunt for dinosaurs to solve the puzzle! And don't forget Maui's Excursion - a journey through the waves in the pool!