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A Typical Day On The Kountryside

K-Kountry is truly the happiest place on earth! Our Kampers always have something fun and exciting going on, from sunrise to sunset! 


Kuks (boys) and Komos (girls) follow slightly varied schedules so we can maximize every moment at Kamp. After waking up at 8:00 am, all Kampers head to Barn 13 for Morning Devo, where they learn about a bible story based on the verse of the day. We also teach the Kampers creative ways to memorize scripture, using hand motions and songs. From there, Komos head to breakfast and Kuks clean their barns. After, all Kampers meet at flag for skits, Birthday celebrations, and cheers. Then Komos head to clean their barns and Kuks head to breakfast. One of our favorite breakfasts at camp is the first day, where we get big chocolate chip pancakes! 

After the morning, Kampers participate in three 50 minute activities that rotate daily! Activities could include one of our five waterslides, the zipline, the blob or the slaunch! During this time, Kampers also visit their clinic, where Kampers get to practice a sport of their choice. Some of our clinics include gymnastics, basketball, baseball and soccer! A clinic is a great time to work on skills while also learning about good sportsmanship. Our counselors are trained to teach each activity and clinic, and use this time to encourage and build up all of our Kampers! 





One of our Kampers favorite times of the day is called Bumblebee! As a staff, we use this time to award Kampers for their hard work and great attitudes. One Kamper from each Klinic receives a Bumblebee award every day, and each Klinic puts on a different short skit to award each Kamper. This is a fun, and exciting time for all our Kampers. Recieving a Bumblebee award is an honor at K-Kountry!


Our time of rest for the day, FOB, is next. FOB stands for “flat on back.” We use this hour of the day to rest, write letters and bond with our barn. Our staff is intentional during this time, making sure that each Kamper is having a great time at camp. After FOB, we have a schedule similar to the morning where Kampers get to experience two more exciting activities. One period is also set aside for Free Time, where Kampers get to spend more time at their activity of choice. 

Every night ends with an exciting evening activity! Our Kampers look forward to these all day long. The evening activity could be a theme party or K-Life! Before bedtime, our counselors lead a nightly devotional. Although we use every moment at camp to make the gospel known, this is a time where counselors can read scripture and help Kampers to gain a deeper understanding of who Jesus is. It is our goal at K-Kountry to show Kampers the love of Christ and glorify Him in the process! 

Every day at kamp is full of moments of wonder for our young Kampers. We strive to make every second exciting, fun and point towards Jesus Christ!


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